Fresh But Filthy

it’s about cradle of filth plan to release new album in 2006, copy paste from road runner records.

CRADLE OF FILTH frontman Dani Filth recently spoke to Revolver magazine about the making of the group’s as-yet-untitled follow-up to 2004’s “Nymphetamine“, which is being recorded at Lincolnshire Chapel studios with producer Rob Caggiano (BLEEDING THROUGH, ANTHRAX).

“I’m not saying it’s ‘experimental,’ but we’re definitely testing the limits of what we can do,” Dani says of the new CD. “This is our sixth or seventh record, so we’re trying to spice things up to keep the marriage going!”

Though Filth admits that the recording process is “still in its formative stages,” he says that most of the album’s songs ” which sport such titles as “The Byronic Man”, “I am the Thorn” and “Libertina Grim” ” have already been written.

“We were hungry to write again,” he explains. Once we finished all our tours [in 2005], we spent the summer just writing. Nobody really throught about where it was going, which is why I think it’s really fresh sounding. A lot of the songs are really rhythmical ” thrashy, almost ” but they’re all also really catchy.”

According to Filth, the remote location of Chapel studios has allowed the band to concentrate on the album, which is due out in July. Though the place is not entirely without occupational hazards. “It’s a residential studio, so we’ve been staying here,” says Filth. “The cooking is excellent ” there’s all sorts of amazing home-cooked éclairs, meringues, and cakes, as well as delicious Indian and Thai food. We’re going to fat as whales by the time we get to the States!”

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