The GNOME Bugsquad and Translation Project

The bug hunt session has opened.

hi there,
today i read about gnome bug hunting at their site. if you want to contribute to open source especially at gnome project then please join this team, “You do not need any programming knowledge to join the Bugsquad; in fact it is a great way to return something to the GNOME community if you cannot program at all.” it said at the site.

anyway if you interested in some think called language translation, then as a co-admin gnome indonesian translation i invite you to join Gnome Translation Project, another project in gnome development, “This provides a transparent way for translators to customize applications in GNOME without the application author doing much work.”, so its very helpfull to spread the Gnome. If you use Gnome, then why you dont join with us ? Just go to Gnome Indonesia for any other info.

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