MRTG rateup problem and how to troubleshoot!

actually this error mrtg rateup messages has bugging me for months but i just ignored it, then finally i think i have done enough with this and thanks god i have a bit time to find out what really happen to my mrtg. the situation is in almost every 5 minutes i get message from system (about 10 messages every hour, 180 messages every day) inform me that there are error when mrtg rateup run to create the graphs, the message is kind like this:

Rateup WARNING: /usr/bin/rateup Can't rename localhost_00-1a-64-6e-4d-0c.tmp to
localhost_00-1a-64-6e-4d-0c.log updating log file

so, it can’t rename the file. no, the premission is okay and i run mrtg from root crond, it’s clearly must be no excuse for file/directory permission or somethink similar.

i search google and found nothing help for this, but i need you to know that my mrtg installation is from package, because i used centos 4.x then it is rpm package. so i tried to do it with source package and it work nicely, no more error message about rateup!.



i fixed it with removing my previous mrtg installation wich is from rpm package and install new mrtg from source, you try ! 😉

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