Upgrading FreeBSD 6.3 Ports Collection

It all begin when my gnome-screensaver crashed heavily at start-up, so i can't use it to lock my screen when i away for a while! I start to think that i need to upgrade the gnome, i can do it by upgrading the port, since gnome2 compiled as freebsd ports. Actually i get some glitches around my freebsd gnome desktop, from the major gnome-screensaver to firefox crash when i start to browse site that used much flash animation on it.

first, need to update the port tree:

#portsnap fetch extract

this command would download the current port tree first and then extract it to /usr/port, fresh from the oven. 

second, upgrade all the installed ports (and their dependecies) using portupgrade, but before any upgrade, still need to check packet database for inconsistencies using #pkgdb -F, after that feel free to upgrade:

#portupgrade -aPv 

well, i need to share my experience that this process eat me from saturday to thursday (about 6 days), yes it depend on internet access speed and compile time since all the ports downloaded from freebsd ftp server and then compiled at the machine. 

Now i ended here, with gnome 2.20.3 and the bad is gnome-screensaver still crash on every gnome start! Beside that, firefox flash player problem fixed, i just follow instruction from freebsd handbook here.

The next task are to find out whats going on gnome-screensaver and hopefully there are easy way to fix the crash. 

Update 15/02:

Yeah, as always… a little googling will help, so let me tell you that gnome-screensaver didnt crash anymore after a bit workaround. Find out here!

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