A Rare Clear Rainbow and Street Futsal

hi all, yesterday noon, when i go back home from yellow to simpang limun, i see a big-rear-clear rainbow showing about one per four of circle, actualy this rainbow is on south way of medan. well, it must be a rare rainbow on the no-rain-day noon in medan, since my last rainbow is in lau kawar months ago.

if you wanna know, i ever see a one hundred percent full circle shape rainbow when i first reach the top of mt. sinabung on 2005. unfortunately i have no pics to prove my words, but i tell you it's look like lens flare while actualy it truely a full circle shape of rainbow.

while ramadhan is on 6th day now, but sports must go on and remember you need to do it at night. my friends do it futsal on the night, they rent the arena about 50 thousand rupiahs for one hour.

when i come to watch the game yesterday night, i see the arena is fairly good covered by fence side by side and in the top, but if rain is come, the game will get wet, since this arena is in outdoor and no roof but the sky. 🙂

talking about fasting, i feel this year my maag is fairly fair to not bugging me with sucking my gastric/stomach in the lunch time. the trick i do it is to rotate my lunch time from day to night, so dinner is after isya, on midnight i get a lunch and before dawn i got to sahur to replace my breakfast. well, it worked after all (i hope).

happy fasting to all 😉

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2 Responses to A Rare Clear Rainbow and Street Futsal

  1. deRegen says:

    50rebo/jam/session ya?

  2. rizahnst says:

    iya pak 🙂

    maennya 1 jam 50 ribu, aku juga kurang tau peraturan futsal ini, mungkin 60 menit itu dah termasuk dengan istirohat nya…
    kalo malam rame yang maen di situ (kata nya)..

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