Slackware 11.0

i found this short news from distrowatch interesting, so i copy paste here!

Those who follow the development of Slackware Linux 11.0 will no doubt agree: the upcoming version is an equivalent of a Caesarean birth – at least, by Slackware's own development standards. While the project's previous two stable releases were limited to one short beta test each, the "Current" branch seems to be going through endless levels of bug-fixing steps and package recompile stages. The recent flurry of security issues with OpenSSL, OpenSSH and Mozilla products did not help the matters. So the wait goes on, with no indication whether the current tree will become stable tomorrow or in three weeks. 

Of course, Slackware Linux has a reputation to defend. As an oldest surviving Linux distribution, it has always been considered the simplest, most transparent and most stable of them all. It is also extremely conservative; by reading the changelog, one gets an impression that Patrick Volkerding does not particularly welcome advances in the Linux kernel or the availability of more modern packages. It's a fact that Slackware remains the only major Linux distributions that keeps using the LILO boot loader, does not provide an alternative to the age-old Sendmail mail server, and still prefers the 2.4 kernel series – that's nearly three years after the first stable release of the 2.6 kernel!

And yet, this conservative approach is probably the most important feature of the distribution, especially appreciated by those old UNIX hands who do not care for learning new technologies, but would rather just run a worry-free setup on their server and desktop computers. In this respect, Slackware remains true to its roots. By providing a tried and tested distribution for those who value this approach, it has succeeded in maintaining a large group of dedicated followers who wouldn't consider switching to another distribution or operating system. Just take a look at the number of contributors mentioned in the Current ChangeLog for a proof that Slackware is alive and well. 

A few more days, perhaps? 

Update 20061004

Slackware 10 released on October 3rd, its a good news for slacker around the world 😉


O yes, hopefully this release will come out soon, i'm waiting impatiently. 

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