upgraded to slack10.1, also to dropline gnome 2.10…

finally… 😛

yesterday i updated my box (komp-20) to slackware10.1 and the desktop also upgraded to dropline gnome 2.10…

selamat datang gnome 2.10

it was great that upgrading process from slack10 into slack10.1 as simple as to tell it, nice work by mr. pat 😉

i hope it quite stable, not the slackware10.1 but my lovely gnome2.10 😉

ncuss, now i running the latest stable gnome 😛 😀

“wannabee simple, stable and secure”


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One Response to upgraded to slack10.1, also to dropline gnome 2.10…

  1. abe says:

    malasss awakk.. gak mau ko nolong kawan.. tekantuk-kantuk aku ngajar za.. teross murid aku pertanyaannya macem-macem.. hihi.. untung aja aku dah pesan sama mas wardix.. JANGAN MATIKAN ENPON! Jadi aku bisa nanyak-nanyak.. ^_^

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