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What Do “GNU” and “Linux” Mean?

"nice opinion, copy paste from NewsForge – USA" These few days of working with the Nexenta GNU/Solaris distro have shaken my assumptions. Richard Stallman has repeatedly pointed out that Linux should be called GNU/Linux?. I think he's right, but it's … Continue reading

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tcpserver error and wget file size limit exceeded

hi there again, a few days ago i got an error when trying to connect to smtp and pop3 server using remote telnet, it says somethink like connection refused. i thougt it was smtpd or pop3d was not running … Continue reading

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SELinux and qmailadmin, an invalid login

for u who ever face invalid login when u want to login at qmailadmin interface, and vqadmin eror like cannot chdir to some domain in fedora/rhel base linux, maybe you find to disable selinux useful to solve that eror… you … Continue reading

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maybe some of us found that any previous release of wordpress is difficult to locate, like me, this site was in wordpress 1.5 series and i want to upgrade it to latest release of 1.5 series, but when i go … Continue reading

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nexenta os

Nexenta is a complete GNU-based open source operating system built on top of the OpenSolaris kernel and runtime. kalo ini bagus, mungkin mau berlama lama di ini dulu… sanggup kah aku … ??? linux ke solaris ??? update: kek nya … Continue reading

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