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Pictures: A1GP Ferrari Car

It's amazin to watch 24 of this cars racing later on Jakarta Street Circuit! more pictures.   

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A (very) simple disk usage report with quota + php gd

Ok, i need to show a report about disk usage for a linux account with php, this report would be a tiny little png file. i searh google and found some clues, but not really fix on me so i … Continue reading

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A1GP Jakarta Indonesia, Sirkuit Jalan Raya ?

Tadi sih iseng lihat siapa tau ada berita terbaru tentang mobil a1gp ferrari mereka, ternyata malah ada berita yang mengejutkan sekaligus mendebarkan, tahun ini akan ada lagi a1gp di Indonesia… tertulis di situ A1GP Jakarta, Indonesia… aku pikir apa … Continue reading

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