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What Do “GNU” and “Linux” Mean?

"nice opinion, copy paste from NewsForge – USA" These few days of working with the Nexenta GNU/Solaris distro have shaken my assumptions. Richard Stallman has repeatedly pointed out that Linux should be called GNU/Linux?. I think he's right, but it's … Continue reading

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The Principle Of Evil Made Flesh

from The Principle Of Evil Made Flesh album’s in 1994, “i like it, especially my ears” From the primeval mass Let precious chaos vent Sacred flesh drenched in fornication Beloved by Set May the winds gather her together From the … Continue reading

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tcpserver error and wget file size limit exceeded

hi there again, a few days ago i got an error when trying to connect to smtp and pop3 server using remote telnet, it says somethink like connection refused. i thougt it was smtpd or pop3d was not running … Continue reading

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SELinux and qmailadmin, an invalid login

for u who ever face invalid login when u want to login at qmailadmin interface, and vqadmin eror like cannot chdir to some domain in fedora/rhel base linux, maybe you find to disable selinux useful to solve that eror… you … Continue reading

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cdnix online shop

hi there, today im happy to announce you that im to soft launching my online shop. this shop provide linux and unix/bsd distro cd (and others later) for your needs. wish me luck !!! 🙂 

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