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hal-hal yang umum untuk dibicarakan…

GNOME 2.14

GNOME 2.14 adalah versi paling baru dari Desktop GNOME yang terkenal, yaitu lingkungan desktop yang multi platform untuk Linux, UNIX dan platform lainnya. Dengan berdasarkan pada perangkat lunak yang Bebas dan Open Source, GNOME menyediakan seluruh alat umum yang diharapkan … Continue reading

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What Do “GNU” and “Linux” Mean?

"nice opinion, copy paste from NewsForge – USA" These few days of working with the Nexenta GNU/Solaris distro have shaken my assumptions. Richard Stallman has repeatedly pointed out that Linux should be called GNU/Linux?. I think he's right, but it's … Continue reading

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cdnix online shop

hi there, today im happy to announce you that im to soft launching my online shop. this shop provide linux and unix/bsd distro cd (and others later) for your needs. wish me luck !!!  

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again, ananda was unlucky

being hit by italian racer just before the first corner, the indonesian a1gp racer ananda mikola forced to retired in lap 1 sprint race at a1gp of nation, durban, south africa. i was dissappointed, cause i want to see he … Continue reading

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fortune’s qotd

my strange fortune’s quote of the day, well, i named it dragon nix 😉 since no body know it name…

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