again, ananda was unlucky

being hit by italian racer just before the first corner, the indonesian a1gp racer ananda mikola forced to retired in lap 1 sprint race at a1gp of nation, durban, south africa. i was dissappointed, cause i want to see he fight againts the circuit and the other racer, at least i want to see he finished the race.

in feature race, the bad think happen again while in earlier lap, ananda hit indian a1gp racer which is make the indian car spin and forced them to retired. it was a dissappointed a1gp race for me, but the other racer is good to see and i give a salute to jos verstappen for his victory podium, also better luck next time for france team for their penalties.

wish the a1gp team indonesia a big luck in the next a1gp at our home race in sentul circuit, 10 to 12 february 2006. be there, and wellcome co indonesia.

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