Old, buggy – hardware + new software = need workarounds, otherwise here it comes the nightmare…

IBM NetVista P4 with CentOS 5.2

There are some bugs on this pc board or chip that made it unresponsive after hours running, but if it got restarted than they become okay and after hours become unresponsive again, so this is realy confusing since there are no error message or something like that pointing whats wrong with the pc. This pc placed as internet gateway and firewall so, its function importantly vital 🙂

In MS Windows system it running well but when i install CentOS 5.2 the problem persist, then a messages from kernel :

Jun  1 13:22:41 gateway kernel: * The chipset may have PM-Timer Bug. Due to workarounds for a bug,
Jun  1 13:22:41 gateway kernel: * this clock source is slow. If you are sure your timer does not have
Jun  1 13:22:41 gateway kernel: * this bug, please use “acpi_pm_good” to disable the workaround

So something about acpi there, searching google and luckily i got threads discuss about this, looks like peoples experience same problem like i did.

Finally i need to add one parameter or two at kernel boot which is actualy turn off acpi function, acpi=off noacpi, just add that parameters to kernel at boot loader then restart the system, turn off any acpi service then the problem just gone 🙂



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