Teach Yourself C in 21 Days

Since i never completed The C Programming Language Book and i still feel my self called me to learn C so many times, then i think is better if i move to this book.

Teach Yourself C In 21 Days, the book tittle sound promissing, is more easy to understand and to learn. I hope i will get much improvement of my knowlegde about C Programming Langguage from this book, we'll see in the next month!


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2 Responses to Teach Yourself C in 21 Days

  1. Shirei says:

    gimana? udah sampe mana C nya? AKu nyerah dah ama C. Tp eman k lbh enak dr bhs program yg lain sih. ^^ Sukses yah

    Btw main adsense jg nih? Wah kereeen. Salam kenal yah kk

  2. riza says:

    mesti ku katakan kalo buku ini keren…
    isi nya mudah di mengerti dan contoh contoh nya dapat menggambarkan dengan jelas setiap masalah yang lagi di bahas…
    aku benar benar menikmati buku ini…
    masih bagian function seh, soalnya baca nya di sela sela jam kerja dan jam istirahat malam… 😀

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