Bahrain practice: Honda’s nightmare

As anticipated by the Honda Racing F1 Team, drivers Rubens Barrichello and Jenson Button encountered another difficult start to their race weekend in Bahrain today. They ended the day 11th and 22nd.

With less than a week since the last race in Malaysia, the drivers are working with the same package and today saw the expected repeat of the set-up woes evident at Sepang. Jenson experienced further frustration midway through the second session when he suffered an engine failure which caused him to stop out on the circuit.

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well, i have no idea why the hell honda -one of my fav f1 team- decreased this season, while super aguri -my another fav f1 team- increased very well with honda support.

jenson used to be challenge for f1 world championship this season, but as far as we all see it just still a dream for him, better luck jenson

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