Tanpa Lagu Pengantar Tidur…

Okay, im gonna tell ya this is a bad news (for me).

my SE K700i earphone is broken, the right speaker is disconnect, i tried to fix it but failed, yes the left is still okay, but the not good if you want to listen mp3.

i think its okay when the earphone broken, its about 1,5 years old on my hand and some times before, the joystick also broken but it fixed when i take it out to SE Service Center and it cost me 100 thousands rps.

yes, it will be the night without cradle of filth on my ears for a while, but its okay, i plan to buy i a new one (i hope soon, maybe next month), still SE of course and still in K series… i think this one is okay for me, the price is fairly low at the moment and the phone is (still) great.

No i dont think to sell my old K700i, i will keep it for my self (hopefully), too many memories to forget and i still love it. 


well, finaly she's here with me and i got the maroon one (i think this is a new colour for built after may 2007, which is have some upgrade on the camera functionality).

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