slackware and gnome (again)

after around 2 months i used gsb on dual p!!! 750mhz and 512+256 ram, i feel that this gsb not optimal running on the machine… i dont know, but why i feel dropline is still fine on the other p!!! 1ghz and 128×2 ram ?..

i want to try dropline on that dual p!!! and let see its performance… if its feel good then i want to say good bye to gsb…. 😀

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  1. riza says:

    #1, theres nothing wrong with my xorg config, i have tuned them before.. my video card is Cirrus Logic GD5480, so i used like this in the config :

    Identifier “Cirrus Logic GD5480”
    Driver “cirrus”

    now i used dropline gnome 2.10.2 and i think its quite well for me and the machine.. maybe because its compiled optimal for i686 system. the good think is we still can use gsb for under system from i486 to i586..

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